BLCMM Distribution Links Changed to Nexus Mods

This is a relatively minor update, and won’t affect anyone who’s already downloaded and been running BLCMM. As a note to anyone looking to install BLCMM, though: the original dropbox links for BLCMM distribution stopped working a few days ago, and all efforts to get those working again have failed. Thanks to dropbox’s basically nonexistant support, there’s no real way to get the old links back again, and nobody really wanted to put up yet another Dropbox link which might just go down itself.

So, for the forseeable future, the canonical location to download BLCMM will be the Nexus Mods link, instead:

If you’re looking to manage “traditional” text-based mods like the UCP, head over to Nexus Mods to get BLCMM. If a video or some documentation online is pointing to the old dropbox link for BLCMM, it might be worth trying to get them to update the link to Nexus Mods as well.