New Hotfix Mod Method: OpenHotfixLoader

Since late 2020, the only reasonable method for using BL3 hotfix mods has been c0dycode’s B3HM. Today, a second option has been released: apple1417’s OpenHotfixLoader!

OpenHotfixLoader works for both BL3 and Wonderlands. It’s extremely simple with no bloat – just place your mods in a mods folder and go! The project is also open source, and its most significant improvement of all: proxyless.

Traditional hotfix injection has worked by performing a man-in-the-middle attack on yourself (though a proxy). This means they redirect all your internet traffic, and fiddle with it, which is just generally a kind of messy thing that can cause all sorts of issues. OpenHotfixLoader instead injects hotfixes directly into the game, so there’s no risk of it accidentally leaking your data or impacting other internet usage.

This release is considered a beta to test stability. It should be fully functional, but what better way is there to find the edge cases than to release it to everyone?

If you need help, join the modding support discord:

B3HM is, of course, still a perfectly viable method for using hotfix mods, and an update for B3HM (with Wonderlands support) should surface within a few weeks. OpenHotfixLoader doesn’t replace B3HM – we’ve just got two options for doing the same task now.

Regardless, happy modding!