Borderlands 2 / The Pre-Sequel Modding

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This page was created by various community members who have primarily been involved with BL2/TPS/BL3 modding (as opposed to BL1), so the majority of information on this site is focused on BL2+TPS+BL3. The BL2/TPS content on here is spread out over these links:

  • Running Mods: How to manage your mods, hex edit your game, and run the mods once you have them installed.
  • Finding Mods: Where to find mods and how to download them once you’ve found them.
  • Major Mod Packs: Some of the more notable major mod packs which are popular with the community.
  • Writing Mods: Most information about writing mods is hosted elsewhere, but this page will give you some pointers to that information.
  • SDK Mods: Information about mods using the Python SDK, which is still a developing field but opens up many exciting new possibilities.