Community / Support

Borderlands 1

  • The main community chat area for Borderlands 1 modding is the Borderlands: Community Hangout Discord, so definitely stop by there if you’re interested in getting in to that scene.

Borderlands 2/TPS

If you have any problems installing or running BL2/TPS mods, please see the FAQ first as most questions will be answered there. For further support, though, see below.

  • Shadow’s Evil Hideout is the community Discord for shadowevil. It also serves as a home base for UCP development, the home base for management of this site, and is a long-running place for BL2/TPS modders to hang out, discuss mods, get help with modding, and share their creations. There’s also occasional BL1 chatter, and a few BL1 modders are around as well. Stop by and say hello! We’re a friendly bunch. There is also a channel for getting help as a user, if you’re not able to get mods working properly.

  • A newer community modding Discord server exists, which was started by Exotek, specifically geared towards BL2/TPS modding (though some BL1 talk most likely occurs there as well).

  • BL2 Reborn has their own Discord server.

Other / General

Other communities related to Borderlands modding:

  • There’s another Borderlands Discord available as well, which appears to have some modding chat on it, though the author of this page doesn’t really know anything about it. It appears to be a more general-purpose Borderlands Discord, and may have more presence for console users, as opposed to just PC.