Commander Lilith and the Fight For Sanctuary released, various mods broken

Today, a brand new DLC for Borderlands 2 was released: Commander Lilith and the Fight for Sanctuary. This adds a bunch of new stuff to the game, and also ends up breaking some modding things. Some details:

Hex Multitool throws an error, but still generally works

When you launch Hex Multitool to re-hex-edit your game, it’ll complain about not being able to find a pattern. Don’t worry about that one! That’s just because the level cap was raised from 72 to 80, and Hex Multitool isn’t finding where to change the level cap anymore. Everything else with Hex Multitool still works fine, and c0dycode will probably have a new version out shortly.

BLCMM’s hex editing still broken, still works for everything else, but now has some incomplete/inaccurate data in OE

As it’s been since the UHD update, BLCMM still works fine for most things, but it can’t hex-edit your game anymore (which is why you’re using Hex Multitool for that). The other issue with BLCMM right now is for modders - if you’re using Object Explorer, note that it does not contain any of the new DLC data, and a bunch of object names have changed thanks to the new DLC, so some object names (and data) might not be accurate anymore. Be sure to check your data with obj dump while in-game!

Some mods will be at least partially broken until updated

This update added a lot of stuff, and changed a bunch of object names. When you execute mods (including UCP), you’ll likely end up seeing a bunch of errors on the console for object names that it can’t find anymore. You’ll have to be patient with this one! Mods will have to be updated to match the new data, and that process might take some time. We’ll update here as some of the bigger community mods (like UCP, Reborn, etc) get updated.