Finding Borderlands 3 Mods

Right now, most available BL3 Hotfix mods are being distributed over Github, similar to how “traditional” BL2/TPS mods have been released in the past. The easiest way to find mods is by using the BL3 ModCabinet Wiki.

BL3 ModCabinet Wiki

The BL3 ModCabinet Wiki organizes all the BL3 mods in the main github into categories which should be pretty easy to click around to find what you’re looking for. For instance, you could click on “Cheat Mods” on that page to arrive at the Movement Speed Cheats Extreme Improvements mod, which improves character speed by quite a lot. From there, you’ll see a header which looks like this:

ModCabinet Header

To download the mod to your hard drive, you can right-click on the Download from Github link and choose “Save Link As.” B3HM does not require you to download the mod, if you don’t want to, though! You could instead right-click on Download from Github and choose “Copy Link Location”, and then add in that URL to B3HM’s mod list. That way you’ll always end up loading the most recent version of the mod.

If you want to keep your collection of mods a little more stable, you might want to download the files locally anyway, of course.

Direct Github Access

You can also download BL3 mods directly from the bl3mods Github page, though they will be organized by author, rather than category. When you browse to a .bl3hotfix mod file you want to download, it will either have a Raw button or a Download button, in the upper right hand corner of the file’s contents:

Raw Button

Download Button

Right-click on that button and choose Save Link As... to save the file to your computer, or Copy Link Location to import it as a URL into B3HM instead.