Borderlands 3 Modding

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As of late December, 2020, we finally have some user-friendly methods of running Borderlands 3 mods. The functionality we have now is roughly the same as what we had in the pre-SDK days of BL2 and TPS, so writing a mod like UCP is entirely possible in BL3 (though a BL3 UCP does not yet exist, nor is one currently in development).

We’ve arranged the BL3 Modding information here into a couple different pages depending on what you’re interested in doing. Click through for more info!

  • Running Mods: How to run Borderlands 3 mods, using one of a few different methods.
  • Finding Mods: How to find Borderlands 3 mods to use in your game.
  • Writing Mods: Most of the detailed information about writing mods is hosted elsewhere, but this page will at least give you some pointers to that information.

For support with running BL3 Hotfix mods, you can ask on the Modding Support Discord.