Writing Wonderlands Mods

Writing Wonderlands mods is essentially identical to our methods of writing BL3 mods, so nearly all that advice still applies. See the Writing BL3 Mods page for more detailed information about modding in that game.

There is a page on our main documentation wiki which lists out some Wonderlands-specific information: Wonderlands Modding Info.

One invaluable resource to look at, of course, is existing hotfixes. There’s a few places to look to take a look at those:

  • The main WL mod repository contains a lot of known-working examples.
  • Gearbox’s official hotfixes have been being collected since very shortly after the game launch, at the wlhotfixes repo.

Some other information about writing mods with the assistance of Python code (which will actually be easier in many cases than doing it entirely by hand) can be found right at the main wlmods repository.