Running Borderlands 3 Mods

Modding in Borderlands 3 is a bit different from how you might be used to dealing with mods in BL2/TPS. You will not be using BLCMM to manage your mod list, and you won’t be using a console to run any exec commands.

Instead, BL3 modding requires that a program modifies the hotfixes that are being sent from Gearbox, and so another program has to get in the way and do that. This is where B3HM (Borderlands 3 Hotfix Merger) comes in!

B3HM (Borderlands 3 Hotfix Merger)

B3HM is a tool written by c0dycode to merge in custom hotfixes for BL3 to pick up. It’s available either as a standalone EXE, or as a DLL which you can inject in a variety of methods. You can find B3HM in these locations:

The B3HM project has documentation right at its github page.

For the DLL version, it’s recommended that you use FromDarkHell’s BL3DX11Injection/PluginLoader to inject the B3HM into the Borderlands 3 process. For the EXE version, just download the EXE and give it a run.

See the B3HM documentation for further information about how to use the app! There’s also an easy-to-follow HOWTO about running PluginLoader + B3HM, written by FromDarkHell, and a tutorial video by FromDarkHell:

Finding Mods

For information on where to look for BL3 Hotfix mods, check out our Finding BL3 Mods page.

Info for Linux Users

It is possible to run B3HM on Linux, though possibly not with the “stock” Proton versions which are pacakged in Steam. As of January 10, 2021, though, the 5.21-GE-1 version of GloriousEggroll’s proton-ge-custom happens to work great! Install it using their installation instructions and you should be good to go. It’s possible that future versions beyond 5.21 will work as well, so feel free to check the latest releases, though regressions are the bane of Wine development.

The PluginLoader (DLL) version will be the easiest to get running – if you try the EXE version you’ll have to make sure to be running both the game and B3HM inside the same WINEPREFIX.

If you’re using Steam and have used other Proton versions in the past, you might need to wipe your (steamroot)/steamapps/compatdata/397540 and allow Steam to reinitialize it with the GE version, otherwise in-game videos might not work properly. If you do, make sure you back up your savegames and settings, since they live under (steamroot)/steamapps/compatdata/397540/pfx/drive_c/users/steamuser/My Documents/My Games/Borderlands 3.

A “legacy” modding method for Linux users is still available as well, though it takes more setup and technical knowhow. Check out apocalyptech’s bl3hotfixmodding repo for a general overview of the technique, and a mitmproxy-based script to handle loading mods and getting the hotfix injection working right. That page doesn’t go into all the details necessary to get mitmproxy up and running for this purpose, but feel free to ask apocalyptech about it.