A Brand New ModCabinet Wiki for A New Age

The ModCabinet wiki has always been an attempt to categorize all the mods on the Github repo in a way that makes it easier for users to find mods they’re interested in. In the past, though, users would have to manually go in and edit the wiki by hand, and as you can imagine, few users ever did. So, we’ve spun up a process which generates the wiki automatically, every ten minutes!

Now, nearly every single mod in the github is present on the wiki, and should be organized a bit more sensibly. At initial writing, there are 1,962 pages on the wiki!

If you’re looking for mods on the github, definitely check it out, as it will probably get you to the mods you’re looking for more quickly than browsing around the BLCMods github itself.

For Modders

In order to make sure that your new mods show up on the improved ModCabinet, you need to include a cabinet.info file alongside your mod. The BLCMods repo is already populated with cabinet.info files, so modders can just take a look at the one that’s now present in your mod directory to see how it looks. There’s also a couple of pages on there with full documentation about that: Contributing to ModCabinet and Valid Mod Categories

So give it a spin, and let us know if there’s anything you’d like improved/changed on there! If you feel that your mods have been miscategorized on our initial runthrough, feel free to update your own cabinet.info file to specify the categories you want. The wiki should update within ten minutes of pushing your change to the BLCM repo.