BLCMM Updated to 1.2.0

Borderlands Community Mod Manager, by LightChaosman, was updated today with a long list of improvements and bugfixes. Probably the most noticeable updates in the batch:

  • BLCMM can now be used to hex-edit the game again (though of course c0dycode’s Hex Multitool will still work, as well). Feel free to hex-edit using the Tools -> Setup game files for mods menu option again.
  • Saving your mods in “offline” mode is no longer required – BLCMM has been updated to match the more recent hotfix changes from Gearbox, so you no longer need to have that checkbox checked.
  • The datafiles used in Object Explorer have been updated to include the new data added by the latest story DLC, Commander Lilith and the Fight for Sanctuary.

Additionally, there’s a ton of other updates and quality-of-life improvements. You can see the whole CHANGELOG on the BLCMods wiki, or in the app itself under Help -> View changelog.

BLCMM will auto-update itself on the splash screen. Just wait on the initial splash screen for a few seconds rather than hitting the “Launch” button, and you should see a progress bar appear. Make sure that your version number shows as 1.2.0 when in the app, and you’ll be good to go! If you need to install BLCMM for the first time, install the launcher from here.

Over the years some people asked for a way to donate; a button for this can now be found in the about dialog. Having said that; the developers do this for fun, and are in no way aiming to make money off of BLCMM. If you have anything else to spend your money on, do that instead of donating.

P.S. To the people who got the update before this version was announced: some minor tweaks were made since then. It’s advised to uninstall BLCMM and do a redownload, just to make sure you have the latest version. (The version number wasn’t changed.)

Edit on July 17, 2020: The original Dropbox links for BLCMM distribution have stopped working, and we’re directing folks to Nexus Mods instead. The installer link above was updated with the Nexus URL.