The site is now live (obviously)

Obviously if you’re looking at this, you already know this site exists. Well, this is a quaint little welcome post. This site was put together with the goal of being a simple collection of pages about Borderlands modding that an end-user might find useful: where to find mods, how to manage them, and how to run them once they’re installed. At the moment it’s not really intended to be an exhaustive resource, but hopefully some folks may find it useful.

The site is managed by folks at Shadow’s Evil Hideout, a Discord server which hosts a lot of BL2+TPS modding talk, and is the home to the UCP development team. There’s also a bit of BL1 modding in there, though not as much. At the moment, there’s a lot more information about BL2+TPS than there is about BL1, but we hope to fill out those sections at least a little bit.

Obviously we’ll be eagerly awaiting Borderlands 3 as well, and you can expect to see some information about BL3 on here once modding methods are discovered for that game.

If you’ve got any ideas about things to put on the site, corrections, or anything along those lines, please stop by the Discord and say hello!