Current State of BL2+TPS Modding, post-UHD DLC

Yesterday, on April 3, Gearbox released UHD Packs, or “Ultra High-Definition Texture Packs” for both Borderlands 2 and TPS. They’re available for free for all BL2+TPS users as a DLC download:

Along with those updates, though, the main EXE files for both games was updated, which broke BLCMM’s ability to apply hex-edits.

At the moment, a new version of BLCMM is still forthcoming, but there are some other ways to hex-edit your game, at least for BL2 (the Pre-Sequel is still in a somewhat weird state though).

You can expect that the next few days might remain a little chaotic for BL2+TPS modding, of course, but with either of those methods, you should be able to get your BL2+TPS mods working again for the time being.