New Mods Support Discord Opened

It’s been nearly a year since Borderlands 3 modding was introduced to the community at large, and it’s been a pretty crazy time! Our ModCabinet wiki has exploded with a lot of fun mods, and we’re still discovering new methods and techniques to bend the game to our collective will.

Shadow’s Evil Hideout had long been one of the main hubs of this kind of Borderlands modding, but now Shadowevil’s started up a new Discord server for Mods support for all Borderlands games: 1, 2, TPS, 3, and even the recently-released standalone Assault on Dragon Keep. If you’re having any problems with mods on any of the Borderlandses, feel free to stop on by!

The invite link to Borderlands Mods Support:

Enjoy! Our community page does, of course, still list a number of other Borderlands modding communities on the internet.